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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

When a hair cut makes you smile

Yesterday was a shocker! Mr Opoes and I were to meet our Coral Homes building supervisor at 8am to talk over variations, time frame, to sign a few paper and to watch a few minutes of the block being cut. The five of us arrived to see 2 Utes, no machinery and a lone figure walking around. It turns out one of our neighbours has parked his Ute on the property, after talking to the surrounding neighbours to see who owned the Ute the building supervisor sent the machinery onto another job.

This is when all the fun started, Mr Opoes and I signed a piece of paper, talked about our variations, selected what area’s the tiles and carpet was going, termite protection verses future concrete needed and then estimated BUILD TIME if things started today. He informed us that we’d have it all done within 14 weeks if the rain played nice. This surprised us especially as this house isn’t small. I was then informed that I needed to have the Ute removed by 11am if I wanted things to progress according to his time frame and getting the grass cut would also be a good idea.

I then spent the morning tracking down the Ute owner’s mother who ensured us that it would be moved by 11am. We then went home to grab the plans so that we could discuss the placement of the batters and then the real fun began. Back to the block at 10:45am were we waited 45 minutes before finding out that they wouldn’t be arriving until 3pm. So now it was off to Chermside to drop Mr Opoes at work before returning home so that Quinlan and Viveca could have a sleep prior to leaving to get Mackenna’s hair cut. During this time (30 minutes) I opened the mail, rang a large number of lawn mower guys and gave the kids a drink. I also managed to get a guy (long story) to mow the lawns but he fell through.

Then I load everyone into the car and went off to Westfield’s at North Lakes so that Mackenna could get her hair cut. I grabbed 2 bread rolls and grapes from Woolworth's before meeting Marigold and her trainee at Hairhouse Warehouse for Mackenna’s hair cut.

These photo's were taken within the last 2 months

So back into the car to pick up Caelan, off to the block and again more sitting around. At 3.40pm I rang the building supervisor who informed me that they would arrive tomorrow at 7am. I informed Mr Opoes and then my mobile died.

Moral of the story re-charge your mobile everyday especially when waiting on people to turn up, talk to your neighbours so that things aren’t in the way and make sure you have enough petrol in your car. All in all the day didn’t turn out as we’d hoped BUT the good news is Mackenna can see better now that the hair isn’t in her face and she can go to C and K Merchant Park tomorrow without getting to hot under the collar.


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