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Friday, 3 February 2012

Porta-loo - ahhhhhhhhh


Well at least the porta-loo has arrived. That’s a sign of progress - our workers now have a restroom.  Will just have to stop the kids from trying it out.

I will have an interesting piece of home décor to show you on Monday, hopefully it isn’t too difficult or time consuming.  Enjoy your weekend.


Went to the block just to see if Christian would be coming to finish the cut tomorrow. We are trying to dry out the block a little but the weather isn’t on our side. It was fine for about 6 hours yesterday which was good but then it rained heavily for an hour, off and on over night and then this morning (Friday) it rained some more. So it looks like it’ll be the last week of February now before the plumber comes instead of on the 6th and the slab won’t go down on Valentine’s Day. There goes Mr Opoes Valentine's Day gift.

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