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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lighting up our house

Over the weekend Mr Opoes and I went looking for lights to put in the house. It doesn't sound like a difficult task but you really don't want to overload yourself with too many choices. It can become confusing trying to find the same light in each shop so that you can possibly get a great price. The one item I spent all day looking for was the three pendant lights that will hang above our breakfast bar. I'd found a few pendants online that I loved but there seemed to be something about each of them that wouldn't work.
Industrial Light from Gumtree
There were 3 of these available, they were silver and it was possible to add some colour to them without it being too much hassle. Problem was that they are secondhand, it might be a project that didn't get finished and Mr Opoes wasn't a big fan.
This is 'Jasper' and I thought it was funky BUT the main problem here was that the shade's colouring was wrong and the store is located in Liverpool, New York so that means that this fitting wouldn't work in Australia. Not happy.
I love this pendant light. Why because it's orange, shipping is free, it's fun and modern while also having a classic look to it and because of this I WANTED IT. It wasn't until I looked closer that I discovered it costs $680 per light (total cost $2040), its RED and not orange and again this is an American online store.

I then changed my search narrowing it down to Australian stores and I found 3 lights I really liked. The first is simple, classic while also being minimalistic. I was a little unsure of having 3 of these across the breakfast bar. I wanted some type of WOW factor so I crossed these off my list.
found here
My next pick was this beauty. I fell head over heels in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's modern, bold, within my price range ($79.95 online verses $99.99 in store) and the orange would really stand out in my all white kitchen with its black splashback. Only problem being it would create a modern look instead of the classic, stylish look I'm going for.
The Lucci Décor Light

the Oslo light
And my last pick was this light also from Beacon Lighting. I was a little unsure about this one because it seemed so understated and I was a little affraid it could get lost in the surroundings. I think I liked the price more than the light.
So what light did I end up choosing? Come back tomorrow to see which light I choose for the kitchen and get a look at all the other lights Mr Opoes and I choose.


  1. I didn't realize you live in Australia! I would have a horrible time trying to decide which to pick!

    1. I've come to the realisation that I'd have more choice if we lived in the USA. It seems that there are thousands of lights to choose from in various price ranges. In Australia we have a smaller selection & they are not always in my price range. I wish we could buy our electricial online as I'd be spoilt for choice.