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Monday, 27 February 2012

Lights, Camera, ACTION - PART THREE

I want to apologise for the lateness of my last post, the computer wouldn't work with blogger and just trying to do the simpilist things caused it to crash. With Mr Opoes interstate at the moment I didn't have him here to help me fix it. So as promised I'm going to deliver the third section of my lighting series.

When it came to selecting a light the two wall lights they took the least amount of time, I was shown the wall lights and I quickly found the light I liked and in less than 3 mintues I had this ticked off my lighting list. The requirements I had for this light was that they were either black or silver and that we could use a warm light instead of a white light. This is the wall light that ticked both criteria. There isn't much to this light so I'm hoping that it'll last a while and the elements won't damage it.

The next item we needed was our ceiling fan for the alfresco area. It seemed really strange that you'd place a fan in an outdoor area when the breeze would blow through the open areas but as its a requirement by the State government then you do what you're told to do. Every sales assistant that we spoke to told us to make sure we got a good quality fan that was marine grade and because of this the cost of the fan goes up.

As we are having downlights installed in the alfresco roof along with this fan I have to make sure that the fan isn't too close to the lights otherwise it'll cause a strooving effect. This wouldn't be fun for your guests while your entertaining them especially if they are enjoying a few alcoholic beverages.

I've wanted to put pendant lights over my breakfast bar ever since I found out I was getting my own kitchen, a place for the kids to eat their breakfast, snacks and to do their reading while I'm making dinner. I'd seen a few kitchens in blogland and I really liked the look they had created. My favourite kitchen was Corrie's from Retro Mummy, its all white and I just loved the classic shape of her pendant lights she'd chosen but as I didn't want to copy her kitchen I took elements she'd used and then after talking to my sister Renee I started looking for orange pendants.
Reto Mummy's Kitchen.
An element of  glamour with these beautiful chrome pendant lights in Retro Mummy's kitchen.

Now I'll have the same coloured Caesarstone benchtop (snow) and our kitchen sink is also located in the island bench but we have a drip tray because we couldn't afford the look that Corrie has. So without further ado here is the orange pendant light I've choosen.
I'm liking this colour but I'm thinking that if it was a bit darker like an orange it would be perfect.
I have another image of it which is a scan of the pendant that I was given by Glenda from Wide World of Lighting at Morayfield. I'm sure that once I've received the lights and the electrican has installed them it'll look great.

Elgo Naro Orange Pendant Light
I'm thinking that having three of these hanging above the white breakfast bar and being able to see through to the black glittery splashback is going to look really neat. It probably won't be considered a classic look but its a classic line and it'll just add a bit of character to the kitchen.

WARNING the following pictures were taken by a 3 year old so they won't be the best quality but for someone who has only pretended to photograph things I think Mackenna did a great job. I'll wait for Mr Opoes to come home and I'll post better photo's on Friday. While getting the other lights I asked Mr Opoes if he still wanted to go with the pendant light we'd seen up at Morayfield. We walked over to the pendants that they had on display and we had a good look. I was after something that wasn't too flashy, modern, looked cheap but came with a hefty price tag. The sales staff had just removed a circular starbrust ball like pendant and I was drawn to it immediately but unfortunately someone had already grabbed it. So it came down to a discussion between two pendants that were quiet different, one had an Art Deco look to it while the other one had lots of cystals, it had a classic shape while also being modern with its colour and text.

The Art Deco pendant was cheaper by about $50.00 but it was a lot smaller than the other pendant light. So I left the decision up to Mr Opoes as I'd had enough of looking at lights, I needed fresh eyes (he'd previously been outside with Quinlan who'd been getting upset) and this is what Mr Opoes chose.
Mackenna's first ever photograph

Looking through the lamp shade to the cystals and floor area.

Round crystal that hangs in the middle of the pendant light you'll have to watch your head when coming through the front door.

There are 3 lights in this pendant and each one is decorated with crystals and a lamp shade. The main decorative element is that the arms are made to look like rope.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the lights and fans we've purchased. I'll get some better pictures on Friday when Mr Opoes arrives home. Thank you for stopping by, I'd love to here what you think about the entry light?


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