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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mr Whippy

While shopping at Westfield's North Lakes yesterday I was offered a lovely soft-service ice from a Mr Whippy van and the best thing was that the ice cream was free. I had the camera with me so I took a couple of photo's, the ice cream was really good and best of all they had New Zealand Hokey Pokey ice cream YUM.

Viveca is looking for a parking spot

'It's tiring driving this van'

one hokey pokey coming up

Trade is picking up both workers are manning the van
The girls enjoyed themselves so much that Viveca and Mackenna started offering people walking by ice creams. Quinlan didn't miss out either Mackenna made him a special 'mummy ice cream' which he ate all up without spilling it. 

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  1. Who is Mr Opoes...?!
    Haha the girls look adorable!!!! Mackenna is going to be a good looking artistic nerd :)