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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - look what I got!!

This was delivered earlier this morning by my secret admirer
After dropping Mr Opoes off at the bus stop this morning we had a little bit of time up our sleeves before having to take Caelan to school so we decided to call into the block to see if any other deliveries had been made. This was what greeted us as we turned into the street (it's a small street). The majority of the street was taken up by vehicles - there was no way I was getting any closer.

I visited the block last Friday (10th February) just to see if anything had happened since those green sticks had appeared and the rain had stopped. I knew the green sticks marked out the boundaries of the house so I was a little surprised to find these round metal things in the ground.

Mr Opoes and I weren't really sure what they were, I thought they had something to do with the concrete slab especially as they were within the boundary. As it was Friday afternoon I thought that the next lot of work or deliveries wouldn't happen until Monday. So Mr Opoes and I were a little surprised to here that a delivery had arrived on Saturday. This was what I saw driving up the driveway.....

These are the polystyrene blocks that form our foundations so I was very happy to see them the kids wanted to climb them. Another delivery was tucked away near the porta-loo. So now it looks like we now have everything needed to construct our slab.

We just have to wait for the plumber to come so let's all pray that if it's going to rain it'll only be at night and it'll be light showers so that the ground doesn't get to muddy.


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