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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Clark Grande

We finally have our super sized family sink. Mr Opoes and I looked at heaps of kitchen sinks just so we could get the right one for our large family. Coral Homes had offered us an upgrade on the standard sink ($900) but it was still smaller and not as deep as the Grande.

Being as frugal as we are, we shopped around until we found the lowest price possible and then we went to Master’s to see if they’d beat it. We’d found it at a plumbing supply shop for $588 so we were expecting Master’s to offer the sink at $530.

Such a great move going to Master’s. They rang Clark, got a price and rang me back the next day and offered it to us for $500. All I had to do was go to Morayfield, pay a $10 deposit and they’d put in the order for us.  So now I have a brand new Clark Grande sink sitting in the garage just waiting to be delivered to the kitchen people. We love a saving and especially when it’s a big one…


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