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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Organised to move

So the moving boxes are ready to be packed, the removalist is booked, the cleaner know what day to come and the carpets are looking forward to being washed. So what else is there for me to organise???? In less than 3 weeks (18 days to be exact) all 6 of us are moving into Grandma and Grandpa's house while the house is being build. Hopefully if the weather stays good we should be moving again (into new house) in about 4 months time. So what is left to organise? TIME

Yesterday was a good example of what my life is about to become and I realised that we are going to be spending a heap of time travelling backwards and forwards in the car. Considering at the moment we only live about 15 minutes from our block I was shocked to discover that I only spent 2 hours and 25 minutes at the house. The remaining time was spent travelling to school, kindy and to the block to talk with the building supervisor about removing some more dirt from the site. This makes life difficult for Viveca and Quinlan especially when it comes time to  feed them. I was relieved to come home, I changed their nappies, gave Viveca morning tea, nursed Quinlan and I also got to have a rest stop.

The traffic on the Bruce Highway has been unusually busy this week, I'm hoping this is a one off and things will improve in the coming weeks. I now know that I'm going to have to organise myself the night before getting the kid's lunches, snacks, working out alternative routes if there is traffic issues and lastly knowing where to stop if anyone has a toileting crisis. I'm also hoping that Quinlan quickly works out when to sleep as I don't want to have to wake him to drop off Mackenna.

So I still have a few dozen things to organise, to tick off my to-do list and to think through but I'm sure that while Mr Opoes is inter-state on business I'll get a heap done. I'll just need to get enough sleep so that I'm well rested and on top of everything.



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