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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Going, going, GONE

I’d like to introduce you to Christian and his big bull dozer. He came out today to start to do the cut for the house.  As you can see the rain clouds were hanging around and things weren’t looking too good but work started promptly at half seven. Caelan and Mr Opoes were there to advise Christian of the change to the batter (slope) on the property so that the kids and I can use the backyard.

I contacted the guys from Kempson Excavations to remove the surplus soil, it would have been a nightmare to remove it further down the line. Due to the previous weeks rain we only got two truck loads removed.  I travelled up to the block after dropping Mackenna at C and K an hour late only to be told by Christian that the back of the block is too wet for him to continue working. We are now hoping that he’ll be back on Friday or Saturday to finish off the job and that the rain will stay away.

After the fantastic news from Christian I arrived home to find out that on Saturday morning we are having 5 couples through the rental. After the amount of running around I have this week Quinlan's routine is out the window and now it looks like I'll have to re-arrange his sleeping arrangements on Saturday.

It never rains but it does pour .......................

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