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Monday, 27 February 2012

Lights, Camera, ACTION - PART TWO

For people who know me the one thing that they can all agree on is that I'm either organised enough that I'll arrive at a function very early OR that I'm very disorganised and I'll never get things completed. Today has been all about the later. I had plans that involved getting up before the kids, enjoying a hot cup of tea in front of the computer while I wrote part two of my lighting series and then Mr Opoes, the kids and I would drive over to the block, take photo's of the progress before heading to North Lakes to do the weekly shopping.

Well nothing got written, the tea was cold, the drive to the block consisted of continual complaints. When we arrived the eldest two needed to go to the toilet so the photo shot was abandoned, we had a quick look and then we went to North Lakes to use the toilets. The groceries also fell through because we met a friend from school, the kids seemed to hit a sugar high which was followed by naughty behaviour. So it was back home for sleeps and rest time for the older two. By this time it was 3pm, day over....

So as promised I'll show you same of the other lights that we purchased last weekend. With my first electrical plan I'd intended on having about 60% oyster lights, 30% downlights, 5% pendant lights and the other 5% would be made up of  wall lights and a ceiling fan. With the limited budget we have I soon realised we couldn't afford that many oyster lights (it was looking to be about $40 per light and that was without the globe) and that downlights were a cheaper option (3 downlights to 1 oyster light). 

the five purple round dots show the location of each oyster light
I've never been a big fan of the oyster lights because they have always looked like round saucers stuck on the roof so when the new Masters store opened at Morayfield I was surprised to see that you can now buy square oyster lights and some of them even had decorative glass to make them look even more attractive. After visiting the lighting stores I also discovered that you didn't have to have them recessed into the ceiling, this means making a saving on the insulation - yah.

square oyster light that looks rectangular. Source unknown
What I love about this light is that the light shows through each side of the oyster as the round oyster lights are in encased and this defuses the light somewhat. So Mr Opoes and I now knew what style of oyster light we wanted we just needed to find an square oyster light that was within our price range.

We'd been given quotes ranging in price from $59.99ea to $79.99ea so we ended up getting this light for $49.00 and the square oyster large for $62.00 instead of $89.99. The good thing about these oyster lights is that there is a chrome plate and this will help to hide any dust that gathers in the light fitting.
You can see the glass plate and the chrome plate
We purchased a large oyster light for the kid's activity room because the price was good, we'd need a good light source at nighttimes and I wanted to make a distinction between the bedrooms and the activity room.

The other lights we purchased were a sensor light, two spot lights and two exhaust fans for the ensuite and the kid's bathroom. We got a good deal on these items, we even upgraded the spot light and sensor light. This meant that we purchased a quality product at the price we were originally quoted for a mid-range product.

Sensor Light

Spot Light

Silver Exhaust Fan this is a 3 in 1. It's a light, a heater and an exhaust fan. It's a good buy for $79.95

These are the boring lights of the house but I do love my oyster lights and I think that they will tie in with that classic look I'm going for. In a few years time they will have moved from the modern look that they are today too been classic.

Stay tuned for the last part of my lighting series. Tomorrow I'll be showing you my wall lights, ceiling fan but more importantly you'll get to see breakfast bar pendants and the surprising entry light that Mr Opoes chose. We will have to make a slight colour change to sections of the light but that's not something we'll have to do straight away.


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