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Friday, 17 February 2012

A date with concrete

Work on the house this week has progressed quite nicely. Although there has been some rain it's always been in the evening and not very heavy so the guys have been able to turn up to work each day. Mr Opoes and I have had the opportunity to watch the progress of a house been built while we've been renting and I must say there construction time seemed to take forever. If I remember correctly, it took them nearly 5 weeks to get the plumbing in, it boxed up, the white foamy stuff in and then it sat idle for over a week before they poured the slab. We have managed to get up to this same stage in 3 weeks and that's after having it rain heavily during the day for just on a week.

So without further ado I'd like to share a week worth of important pictures with you so that you can share in the happiness we're having at the moment.

This is were the bathrooms, toilet and laundry are. The 2 closest pipes form the kitchen area.

This is the view from were the water tank towards the garage at the front of the house. The white areas near the water tank are 2 bedrooms.

This is at 8:15am this morning and they have already poured the water tank, the kid's bedrooms, alfresco and they are now moving onto the living areas before finishing off with the garage.

Its really great that we are at this stage of construction as that means we will have the frame up before the end of the month are at least started. So after that it'll be all systems go. We can wait, everyone is excited about what's happening on the block and its fun to go have a look every afternoon after school. The kids get excited if someone is site on site.


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