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Monday, 16 April 2012

Tiles - why can't I get what I want?

We're finally gotten to the nitty gritty details of the house, its common that things can go wrong and you guessed it they have gone wrong. I've spent sooooooo many hours looking at tiles, shopping around various stores for the tiles and even looking on the Internet. So leading up to Easter we went out to the various tile shops and we picked up all the wet area tiles so that we would have them sitting in the house ready for the tiler. Our building supervisor organised a meeting with the tiler on Good Friday so after arranging another time we were all set to deliver and met the tiler.

We arrived home, unpacked the tiles and then looked over everything we had. I placed one box of each tile that would be used for the various rooms so that I could determine whether or not we had enough tiles and to draw up a table for the tiler. I soon realised that we hadn't collect the floor tiles. On the day of our tiling meeting Grandma looked after the older children while Quinlan, Mr Opoes and I went to the block for our 8am meeting. The idea was to have our meeting, go off to the tile shop pick up the floor and then return to the block with said tiles. We arrived at the tile shop to discover that the tiles were still in Sydney and they wouldn't arrive until the 18th.

So what does this delay mean to the tiler and the overall outcome of our build. Now we have to sign a document stating that we have delayed the entire process. I'm a little unsure as to why the painter couldn't have started painting the outside of the house but apparently there a process to follow and we have to do its the supervisors way.

I'd spent a heap of time typing up a document that let him know the size of each tile, the position of the tile and its direction on the wall. Typing up this document took a bit of time. I'm not really sure if  it was worth the effort because the tiler walked around the house and he wrote everything down on the back of a piece of paper. Fingers crossed the tiler lays the tiles in the correct place and position because I don't want to have to have that conversation with him.

Due to the amount of time I've spent looking at tiles online I thought I'd share a few pictures of some of the tiles that I fell in love with. Just keep in mind that if money was no concern I'd make sure that I'd create dream bathrooms, toilet and laundry areas. So here are the tiles I'd pick. This first tile is really decorative and it would make a great feature in a bathroom.

I love the pattern that these floor tiles create and the size of them is really different. This pattern could be copied onto a wall to create an interesting feature wall.
This is a beautiful bathroom, I love the colour scheme and the texture of the wall tiles. I really want a black and white ensuite and I've had great difficulty finding tiles that are black and glossy. I can't wait for my tiles to arrive I'm hoping that everything works out well.

Could you imagine laying these tiles, you'd want everything to line up perfectly because of the size of the feature. If there is the slightest fault with the tile or the laying of the tile you are guaranteed that it'll be very noticeable.

This would look good in the right place and it would help reinforce what children need to do when they have a shower. You'd have to make sure that the wording was printed on the tiles otherwise you'd need to find a tiler who was one part songwriter and one part tiler.

So here's hoping that our tiles arrive on Wednesday and that the tiler can be on site by Friday, otherwise it could mean a two week delay and that'll set us back even further. I'm hoping that we can be in by May 31st but at the moment we are still in the dark as our building supervisor still hasn't commented to an end date. It would be helpful especially so that we can start talking to the removalist and their storage shed department. I'll show you what the tiler managed to get done late last week. So I hope you can come back tomorrow.

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