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Friday, 27 April 2012

babies first foods

So the one thing my kids get excited about when we go to the shops is the lovely people who give out food samples. Here in Australia, your child only receives a sample if their parent is with them. So you can imagine how much food we get given if the four of us sample the food and then I have to listen to the sales pitch for foods I'll never buy because they're uneconomical or because I consider them to be too unhealthy. So you can imagine my surprise when I spotted a lovely little Parisian set up outside our local Woolworth's store for 'Yoplait' new Cal-tivate yoghurt. Two of us tried the passionfruit flavour and the other two went with the honey flavour and it was liked by all.

There's only one flavoured yoghurt I like and its passionfruit, so I was surprised when Caelan also gave it a try. After eating the yoghurt that had all the seeds I decided I'd try the yoghurt on Quinlan. This was the first food he'd tried since he was born and as he'd only recently turned 6 months I thought I'd try it out just to see his reaction. Caelan helped take the photo's while I fed him.

Here is my favourite photographs of Quinlan giving it a go. He is surrounded by his cheer squad who also taught him about sharing.

Quinlan has two spoons in his month in this picture as it was more of a race to feed him
 instead of having him try the Honey flavour.



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    1. I agree. I love how the girls wanted to help feed him but I think when we start I will do it while the girls are busy otherwise my little man will have so much food placed doen his throat. I wish I'd gotten a photo of his reaction to the yoghurt it was priceless.

      Have a great weekend :)