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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

decorating tips from a reality programme

So with things moving along slowly, the house is starting to take shape and I've begun to think about how to decorate various sections of it. So you can imagine how happy I was that one of our free to air channels started airing 'The Block'. As the programme has just started the four couples have to decorate each room each week from the ground up. So each night I'm trying to tune in at 7pm to watch how the couples are progressing each night, however going by the last couple of series I won't be able to see room reveals until Sunday night.

Our situation is so different but I'm trying to learn how to plan for how I'd like the décor to be. All I've achieved at the moment is deciding that I'd like a timeless style to the house so that I can introduce colours, objects or textures later on to achieve a look that works for you and your family. I realise that one thing I want is to have a house that isn't so cluttered with toys, rubbish and mess. That was our old life and our new life will be easier to manage and run even though its nearly twice the size of our first house.

I'm hoping that I see some things that I like to include in our house and if I can I'll be pinning them on one of the numerous boards I've started on Pinterest. The options I've expressed in this post are 100% mine and I'm not receiving any financial benefit for talking about this television programme.



  1. The show sounds like something I would like to watch. I am going to see if it is on one of our channels. I can't wait to see your decor plan :)

    1. I like the decorating side of things but I'm not a big fan of the silly games people play and of cause its reality television so they have to add some drama to the series or else people won't watch!! It's an Australian programme and I'm sure that there are better programmes out there. My husband and I use to watch a British decorating show were these two decorators would completely change (the not so nicely decorated houses)the appearance but they could never stick to their budget but its not on anymore. I'm hoping I can stick to a budget???

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