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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My New Kiitchen - I can't wait

Well I promised kitchen photos yesterday and instead I delivered a lovely little cake recipe. So I hear you say why did Megan give us the 'yoghurt apricot cakes' recipe. I left the camera at home. I remembered 5 minutes out from the block, turning around would have meant a 30 minute return trip not forgetting the trip back to the block. So instead I organised it cross off one of today's job's off my to do list, that way Mr Opoes gets to see the house and I don't have to run all over Brisbane with the kids.

I also learnt that my bathroom/ensuite cabinets had arrived and neither one was in the correct spot. It amazes me that I hadn't seen them or that the cabinetmaker hadn't told me they were there. So I have a few photos of what's been happening in the house over the last 2 days that I thought I'd share with you.
Looking at the back of the kitchen.

Close up of the back kitchen section.
I don't have any close up pictures of the front section of the kitchen but I do have a picture that sort of shows it. The picture looks out towards the linen cupboard so you can get some idea of what it'll look like when everything is completed.
Looking down to the linen cupboard.
Close up of my door handles in the kitchen. I'm not going
to get my clothing caught on these.
It's moving along but I just wish Mark could give us more idea of when he thinks it'll be finished. Especially when the weekly updates don't include all the details and he books a meeting with the tiler on Good Friday and then on Easter Monday. All I have to do now is wait for the tiler to ring me, tell me what date and time suits him. So its just a game of wait and see.

So I'll leave you with a few pictures of the ensuite cabinet and the handles.
Both the ensuite and bathroom unit look the same.
Front view of the handles.
Looking down at the handles, they are the right size for the unit.
Not bad when you don't get to hold up the handle against
 the unit. I did good.

Here's hoping that the house gets closer to being finished much quicker. I'd love to move in by May but I'll even settle for the end of May. I'm picking up the last of the wet area tiles on Thursday so that I'll have everything organised and ready to go when I meet with the tiler next week.


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