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Sunday, 29 April 2012

sunday surprises

Lake Eden at North Lakes on a beautiful day unfortunately it was very overcast today
 but it's still a beautiful setting even with dark storm clouds.

The purple looks beautiful against the greenery behind.

This baby bird was so new that it let a 2 and 3 year old stand so close they could have touched him. He still had some a few down feathers left and he was a bit fragile.

My passionfruit cupcakes we ate on our picnic.

We saw heaps of wildlife but none of them would stay still for a photograph.  Source

This is what the kids ate for lunch, they went down well but Viveca made a huge mess while eating hers. Source

So the weekend is over, the kids and I enjoyed spending time with Oomie (my mother), poppy, Uncle Evan and Davina. We got to explore our house with our extended family and we all learnt that there are a few problems with my future kitchen. I don't have enough double power points so there will be no cooking going on in that room.


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