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Monday, 23 April 2012

Black and White Bathroom

Well our tiles finally arrived and Mr Opoes had to move the 500 kilograms of tiles from the car's boot into the kids bathroom and our ensuite. There was a total of 17 boxes, this meant 5 trips to our ensuite and 12 trips to the kids retreat. Because we'd delivered the tiles within hours of their arrival from Sydney our tiler came out to the block around midday on Friday. I spoke to him late Friday afternoon, he's coming back on Saturday to do some more work before finishing off the job on Monday. I'm so glad that he's come in on Saturday to catch us up a bit due to the delay of having to wait for the arrival of the tiles. We have been delayed by 7 days.

There isn't too much left to do so he'll definitely be finished on Monday. So I have a few photo's of what he has done so far.
The tile in the ensuite its looking a bit blue.

Close up of the ensuite floor great black and white all from CTM

Looking into the ensuite from the doorway, the shower and toilet
will be on the right opposite the sink.

Now to have a look at the children's bathroom, their bathroom is all white with a small black feature down the wall of the shower.
The floor tile is the same as ours just in white.

Although the wall and floor tiles are different its not so noticeable due to the texture in the floor tiles.

My laundry floor its looking good.

So things are progressing nicely in these three areas and we'll have the wet area's finished by the end of today. The tiler will come back to do the splash back in the kitchen and that'll finish off his job. So now the only other issue we're going to have this week is the public holiday we've got on Wednesday for Anzac Day. Mr Opoes and I have to meet with the painter sometime this week to check over the various paint colours so I'm hoping that things continue to progress at a steady pace.

I can't wait for the bench tops to go in both bathrooms. One thing I wish I'd done in the laundry was to remove the broom cupboard and insert a table so that I can fold the washing. Well that could possibly happen in a few years time, it'll be my first renovation. :(


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