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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Picnic food with a chance of rain....

So Mr Opoes, the kid's and I are planning to have a picnic  tomorrow with some of my family but no one seems to let the heaven's know what was going on. Its been raining lightly for the past 24 hours, the ground is really wet and the play area will be washed out. It'll be cold so everyone will have to rug up, getting a car park won't be a problem but the challenge for us will be keeping the children entertained while its raining. I'm thinking it might be a case of eating our lunch and then take everyone to see how the house has progressed. The last time my parents were at the house we hadn't even started turning the soil.

I'm a little worried about what food I should be taking with us due to not having access to any of my usual containers because they are all in storage and because I really want to take comforting food with us. If tomorrow is anything like today we're going to need hot food, a hot coffee and warm clothing - oh well it's a shame I only have access to the warm clothing for the children. I'm hoping the rain takes a bit of a break so that we'll be able to have a conversation and so the kids can take a walk around the beautiful lake.

So far I know that we're going to be having passionfruit cupcakes and chicken sandwiches. Thanks to one of the mothers at school I've got something nice and easy planned for the kids to have. I'm going to make mini hotdogs using two simple ingredients cheerios and bake at home white dinner rolls. You cook everything up before going on the picnic and then its as simple as assembling them, adding your sauce, mustard and then its time to eat them all up. Whats great about these hotdogs is that due to their size, little children can hold them easily in there hands even while they're walking around or playing.

I took this photo of one of the tree's outside just as it started to rain a bit heavier.

I'm not sure what else I should be taking but I know that I need to make a zucchini slice early Sunday morning and I might go up to the markets to grab a few bananas so the kids have some fruit to eat. So fingers crossed that our picnic is a success and the everyone likes the progress of the house so far.


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