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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Decorative Collars

I was looking at Erin's link party over at 'How to Nest For Less' when I came across a link to a DIY fancy collar. It looked very similar to one my youngest sister had spent hours hand sewing each pearl bead on to. She is in the process of trying to launch her own fashion label Caitlin Grace and she has created a few one off pieces that she wears around town. The fancy collar was created by Joyce over at 'Sip-n-wear' and she even provides a tutorial to help you create your own.

I'm not one who follows the latest fashion trends but when I saw the collar created by 'Caitlin Grace' at the end of February I knew she was onto something.  She has since branched out and made a few different collars, one is made entirely of lace and the other collar uses purple pearls. I found a few examples of 'decorative collars' after doing a Google search and I noted the majority of collars were decorated with pearls, beads, press studs and sequins.

I like how you can use something as simple as ribbon or a hook and eye to join the collar together before adding to your outfit and you have created a whole new look. Overall, I love the idea of being able to dress up one outfit simply by using a different collar each time you go out.

When I have some money I'm going to ask my sister to design and make a collar for me. I'll get something simple, elegant and pretty so that I can easily dress up a plain white t-shirt or singlet top without going overboard. One thing I'll have to remember is to not make it too delicate I don't want Quinlan pulling on it and ruining the look I'm trying to create. 
This collar is covered in pearls with a few champagne crystals
that give it a brown/cream effect.

The gold collar uses individual hand sewn sequins to create
 a solid, sparkly and uniformed effect.

The pearl collar created by Joyce.

                  Simple Black Lace Collar by Caitlin Grace.
                                       Price $39.00
Although this collar is half finished you can see that Caitlin 
has gone for a two tone effect. She is using small
and large pearls in creams and purples.
Simple Elegant.

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