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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Couldn't be Saved - Strawberry Yoghurt Cupcake

I'm having one of those days, nothing seems to be working in my favour today. I went to pick up our wet area floor tiles and guess what they're still in Sydney. So after many telephone calls I now know that they'll be on the next shipment that's arriving on 18th April. The tiler isn't happy, neither are we and I'm sure that when our building supervisor contacts me he'll be upset as well.

So what other things made my day difficult. The cupcakes didn't worked. They failed miserably. They looked uncooked and as I'd made them previously I was really disappointed. So the moral of this story is don't change the fruit component of the recipe and make sure you keep all the key ingredients. I changed the apricots for strawberries, I forgot to add the baking soda and I over mixed the batter.

You can go here for the original recipe and make sure you don't over mix them, include all the ingredients and follow the instructions to a tee. Also if you have missed any of the previous cupcake posts you can click on the following links here, here and here to see the recipe.

So take a look at my pictures and see if you can spot the mistakes. If I make these again I'll spend the time following the recipes steps instead of trying to get creative. You learn from your mistakes, so I'll give these ago when we move into the house and I get to use the new kitchen equipment.

Don't laugh, these are the cupcakes I'll present to Mr Opoes. I wonder if he'll take them to work or if they'll just sit in the freezer for the next few months?

They look like little doll beds.
I hope you can join me tomorrow for the most difficult decorative cupcake. I'm hoping that I'll have time to make the cupcakes during the day instead of trying to do them late into the night.



  1. Hi Megan - thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. I hope you pop by again.

    Sorry your cupcakes didnt work today - hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    And I'm following you - cant wait to see your house xx Nat

    1. Thank you for visiting my Blog. I had Internet and camera problems yesterday so I'll have to post the fifth cupcake on Saturday due to these problems. Thanks also for following my blog I will have to follow you to. I'm looking forward to see what you and your family get up to. I was so happy to find that you live in Auckland, I was born in Hamilton and although I've lived in Australia for 30 years I still class myself as a New Zealander.

      Will start blogging about the house again soon. Can't wait to see what you come up with next time.