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Monday, 30 April 2012

the joys of being a big sister..

We were at the shops earlier and I was trying hard to control the girls behaviour because I'm getting sick of people giving me dirty looks every time we go out. I'd given them both strict instructions on what I wanted them to do and what would happen if they didn't follow the rules. So we were in Big W looking at the gardening section for some children's gardening gloves for Caelan when I turned around to see what both girls were doing.

Neither one was standing beside me and they weren't holding hands like I'd asked. I was about to turn the pram around and start looking for them when I heard Mackenna talking nicely to Viveca. I moved into a position so that I could see them but they couldn't see me and this is what I heard:
Mackenna: Sweetie just lift your legs up high and you'll be in there.

Viveca: Why!

Mackenna: I'm going to take you shopping like you've never been before. Remember you are old just like mummy and your legs won't we able to walk you around.

Viveca: Why!

Viveca: Sore bottom.

Mackenna: You just climb in and I'll take you to the toys, that will help your bottom and your legs.

Viveca: No, No, No stay will mummy.

Mackenna: ohhhhhhhhhhh all right.

Mackenna: Sit down in the car, sit down in the car. No standing for long times in the car.

Mackenna: You can't beat that, beat that. You can't beat that.

Viveca: (silent for a long time) all right Nenna.

So this is what they were doing. I know it's not the best thing to be doing in the shops but it did allow me to find what I wanted. We purchased the gloves and then it was off home. A success and no one commented on my naughty girls.



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    1. I thought it was cute and I really loved how they played together. Due to there ages they are trying to find out who is the BOSS at the moment so moments like this are special. ;)