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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

School Holiday Activities

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It's the second day of school holiday's here in sunny Queensland and already the children are having major issues. According to Caelan who is seven 'they're bored, so bored that it's hurting them', and they want to do something. This reaction shouldn't be surprising. I remember when I was in primary school I HATED school holiday's especially those 6 long and B O R I N G weeks at Christmas. My family never went away during the holiday's and I remember listening to my friends talk about all the fun things that they did during their holiday's. For my sister and I going to the shops to compete our Christmas shopping was the highlight of our time off school.
So at about 10am yesterday morning I grab the computer and spent the next few hours looking for things to do in and around the area so that the children would get to experience some fun these holiday's. I came up with a list of 12 things to do as I knew somethings might not be possible due to people having to change their plans. I thought my list was quiet good, it involved spending time at home, going out to do things as a family and also including activities that Caelan can do on his own without having to involve the girls.
1. Lunch with Daddy (pack a lunch just like daddy's
and go eat it somewhere together).
2. The girls and I cook Fairy Cupcakes together.
3. Caelan and I make biscuits together.
4. Jewellery making at home.
5. Do a DIY activity at Master's on a Saturday morning.
6. Organise a play date at the park with Cristopher.
7. Take Caelan to the Lego place at South Brisbane.
8. Balloon Art Chermside Library.
9. Puppet Show @ Aspley Hypermarket during the first week of holidays.
10. Lego competition @ Aspley Hypermarket from 1st October.
11. Muffin decorating on 2nd October @ Westfield.
12. Cooking Class @ Westfield North Lakes at 11am.
At the moment Caelan is really interested in helping out in the kitchen, we have allowed him to butter his own toast in the mornings. He is slowly learning to dip slide the butter knife over the butter and then to spread it across him muffin. With this in mind, I decided that we'd go and do the 11am cooking class at Westfield North Lakes especially as it's only 5 minutes away. I kept Quinlan awake with the plan of putting him and Viveca down for a sleep once we returned.

We arrived early so that all three kids could get into the activity. The class wasn't set up in front of Coles like it said on the Internet so I went off to the concierge to find out it's location. Well after speaking to a not to friendly member of staff I was informed that they never had any cooking lessons planned. I could take the children off to the Madagascar 3 activity or I could let the kids do a sand art activity. The line for this activity was really, really long and I'd overheard a women was in line complaining about how long she'd been waiting. I didn't think my three would wait 40 minutes without complaining and I knew that Quinlan was beyond tired so we headed home.

So I'm now down to eleven planned activities. We have had a talk and decided that tomorrow will be the start of our school holiday activities. I might take them to the park near the lake tomorrow for lunch and this will hopefully wear them out a bit and then they'll be quiet. Oh if only, you're still allowed to dream aren't you. I won't be doing too many posts during the next two weeks because of the school holiday's and it's difficult to do things when you have four children who all want you at the same time. So fingers crossed I have something to show you soon.


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