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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Leasing a KIA Grand Carnival

This is not a sponsored post, I was not contacted by the mentioned car companies nor was I paid any for any of my opinions or thoughts.
Close to four years ago Mr Opoes and I made the decision to upgrade our car as we were expecting our third child and we thought that the car we had just wouldn't cope with our growing family. So a long story short our car is just not working for us as a family with young children any more. We have issues getting the pram, groceries and one child into the boot most weeks. The other major issues we have with the car is that if someone comes for a visit I have to climb into the boot so that we can go out and our petrol bill is a huge problem, it keeps growing every time you visit the petrol station.
So while I was pregnant with Quinlan Mr Opoes thought that maybe we should novated lease a car through his work. I've left all the research up to Mr Opoes as he's really good with that plus when it comes to cars I really have no idea what I'd be reading. So after much research, late night discussions and looking at various cars while driving to my various destinations we narrowed it down to two vehicles.
The first was the Honda Odyssey and the second is the Kia Grand Carnival. I won't go into all the details about the good things about these cars except that the Honda is a 7 seater and the Kia is an 8 seater. So over the weekend we all went off to the car yard to check out both cars and to take them for a test drive to see which car we liked best.
Off we went to Honda to look at the Odyssey, after looking through the car we came to realisation that i'ts very similar to what we have at the moment. The older children will still have to climb over their seats to sit in the boot, access to the seat belts was an issue especially when doing them up and Caelan wanted to know if the air-con would reach him in the boot. We looked at the car for ages and if anyone knows us as a family we are never quiet, so after waiting 15 minutes without been approached by a sales person we left.
Mr Opoes and I realised while driving to the other car yard that the Odyssey just wouldn't work for us. Its a nice looking car but we both felt that it was great for a family of 5 who would have the occasional visitor and then you would have a boot that was only used to store the groceries. So off to Kia we went. Now one blog that I like to visit regularly is Retro Mummy. At the beginning of September she was given a Kia Grand Carnival to test drive for a week. Now she is a busy mother of 5 young children who are very similar in age to my children, so it was good to read her review but to also watch a video of the family using the car.
This is the look we want.
So with this information I was looking forward to looking at the Grand Carnival especially as I've seen hundreds of them during the last week while I've been doing the school run. Mr Opoes and I both wanted to test drive the diesel Si but they didn't have one on the lot so we got an upgrade to the diesel SLi which had beautiful leather seats but they aren't very practical for this family. We loved the Kia, so did the kids and now we have to talk things over with the leasing company.
Happy little passengers.
I'm looking forward to leasing this car because it's something that we've never done before. I'll end up saving us a bit of money in the end but the best part will be that we'll have a car that's better suited to our family's growing needs.


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    1. Thanks Shank. We are loving the Kia and the novated lease. Its the best thing we could have done :)