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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Booster Cushion Seat Cover

So Caelan sits on a booster cushion seat which we have owned for a few years now. Now the plastic seat has a cushion cover which provides minimal padding to the child's bottom but it has worked well for a few years without any complaints for Caelan, his bottom or the cushion.
Last week he informed me that his cover wasn't working anymore I was a little worried. Now when I get told important information its always shared while I'm driving the car so it makes it impossible to solve the problem immediately. So the other night I went to the car to have a look the booster cushion to see how bad the cushion was. It was bad, the velcro wasn't working, the padding wasn't there anymore and the cushion was looking really sad. As I was already going off to the fabric store on Saturday morning I decided to take Caelan with me so that he could choose some fabric to make a  new cushion.
So boys being boys he went straight for a selection of quilting fabrics that were covered in various superhero designs. I had hoped that he would choose a simple cotton fabric that was fairly plain and boring, especially as his mother really has no idea how she is going to go about making one. My next step will be to search the Internet to see if I can find a tutorial. If this doesn't pan out then I'm going to have to create my own pattern and figure it out as I go.

The seat he is using at the moment is a Infa-secure
booster cushion that we purchased from Big W.

We are in Super Hero Heaven with this piece of quilting fabric.

I'm giving myself 2 months to find what I want and create it. So I'm hoping that I can find something because if I can't it'll take me the entire 2 months to create a pattern. Wish me luck because I've never created my own pattern, gosh I've never ever altered a sewing pattern in all the time I've owned a sewing machine.
I am hoping that I can make Caelan proud with the cushion I create for him and finger crossed that I'll find a way to make the cushion I need for his seat. If not I should have some fabric left over to make him an armband so that he can channel all his super hero powers.
Wish me luck and I hope to develop some of my own super powers soon.


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