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Thursday, 13 September 2012

I'm in LOVE....

Quinlan is going to be 11 months old on Tuesday and I'm coming to the realisation that my little boy isn't a baby anymore. Sure, he'll always be the baby of the family but he's not a BABY. So two weeks ago when he started saying DAD DA the kids and I got all excited. When Mr Opoes heard those special words, he looked at me as if it was the first time Quinlan had ever done it. You see I've always hidden the fact that said child has just said their first word, taken their first step or lost their first tooth so that when he comes home for work he'll be surprised and it'll melt his heart.
The other three children have all said DAD DA for weeks if not months before MUM MA has pasted their lips. So imagine my surprise when we were sitting down at the table on Tuesday night and Quinlan calls out MUM MA while I'm feeding him his vegetables.
I smiled, looked at him and then something magical happened. Caelan, Mackenna and Viveca all clapped and called out words of encouragement. Quinlan's face lit up and he laughed along with them. I was so excited the I told Mr Opoes that night.
My friend Fiona took this picture last week.
I know I didn't wait for him to get home, considering he is interstate until tonight it's a big secret to keep. But Quinlan had another surprise up he sleeve. This morning at breakfast he said another word, so within three days he went from only having one word to now having three words.
So tonight when Daddy gets home I hope my sweet little BOY can share with his Daddy all the new words he can say. I'm hoping that Mr Opoes isn't to tired because he might just miss that Quinlan can now say DAD DA, MUM MA and BUB BUB.


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    1. I love how happy he always is. I'm also a little upset that he's going to be 1 soon and my little boy will be growing up. I do wish I could keep him at this age forever. He is so cute.