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Monday, 10 September 2012

I want my DADDY.............

So work has sent Mr Opoes off interstate for the week and that means I'm looking after things all on my own at home. I know each child is different, their personalities change and they will all react in different ways. We said goodnight to daddy last night as he was staying close to the airport and it would have been a very early morning for Mr Opoes this morning. So I drove home with two children who were asleep and had missed saying goodbye to daddy. The two eldest children were still awake when we got home so I had them go straight to bed.
Viveca woke up moments after arriving home and as soon as she realised that daddy wasn't there she started crying and calling out for him. I tried putting her into our bed so that she could sleep on his pillow but the noise kept on going. I tried sitting on the bed and cuddling her. While I was walking around the front of the house trying to calm her I got a telephone call, it was daddy and he was coming home. Why could he here her or did he just know that she needed him. Neither, he'd left his mobile charger and ties at home so he was coming back to pick them up.
I took Viveca to the television room and we sat down to wait for daddy to say goodnight. Daddy got home at 10.30pm and Viveca had fallen asleep while I was letting him in the door. We only just managed to wake her up, he gave her a kiss and then I put her into our bed. All was right with the world. She moved around our bed like no ones business, climbed out of bed to sleep on the floor and even lay across my face. So I picked her up and put her into her own bed, so much better I could now get some sleep.
In the morning she asked me a few hundred times were daddy was but after her morning sleep she seemed to have gotten past it. Well that was until daddy rang for a quick talk between meetings after lunch. She had a little talk to daddy about her baby picture, gave the telephone to her big brother and then the crying started. Well I've calmed her down and told her daddy will be back in three sleeps time. She isn't happy. She is putting food aside for daddy and I've had to promise to keep a few biscuits for daddy as we don't want him to starve. I can't wait for tonight when daddy rings again as I have a feeling both the girls are going to have issues with daddy not been home.
So if you read this daddy, we are missing you and we have a few biscuits for you. I'm also going to miss daddy because there won't be anyone to talk to about the silly programs that on television tonight. Wish me luck and I hope the neighbours don't mind a bit of noise..

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