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Monday, 19 March 2012

The week that was.

The weather this week hasn't been ideal for building a house. It's rained every second night and almost every day for the majority of the week so this hasn't allowed the tradies too many hours on site. Its funny that when building you take note of what the weather's doing, you can tell people how many days it rained this month and the number of light showers verses downpours. So I'm happy to say that although the weather hasn't been pleasant there has been some work done and we are one step closer to a completion date.

After the roof tile mix up I was surprised to receive a text message from Mark telling me that he was on site and he was watching the roof tiles go up. I was just down the road picking Caelan up from school so we called in to see what was happening. Nobody was there, it was only 3.10pm and the boys normally knock off at 4pm. So I got out, had a quick look round and took a few photos because the rain clouds were looming. I was happy with what I saw.

1. The inside of the garage roof.     2. Stacking sliding door in the family room.
3. The bath placed in the children's bathroom. 4. Welcome to our front door.
Wednesday was an overcast, cold and wet day so when I went to the block in the afternoon I was surprised to see one of the roofing guys up on our roof. He'd managed to move all the tiles up onto the roof from being on the driveway yesterday. The other good news was that tiles had been placed over the front section of the house just past the front rooms as you come through the front door. With the amount of rain I was really happy with what had been done.

Starting to look like a house.
On Friday morning we all turned up at the house for our meeting with the electrician. I'd given them an old plan that had 29 lights, a fan, 2 t.v points and 27 power points. Our new plan has 49 lights, 2 exhaust light/fans, a fan, 3 t.v points and 28 power points. I now have to go back and talk with the electrician because I've changed the position of one of the power points in the kitchen. So the guys did a few basic things before they had to go off to another job, they'd said they would be coming back in the afternoon.
Some electrical cord.
After Mr Opoes took the girls swimming he called into CTM Strathpine to pick up some of our wet area tiles and then he went off to the block. When he arrived at 10.30am the bricks had been delivered, the missing wardrobe had been finished and the sarking had been put around the walls.
The Ascot brick is on the left and the Hendra is on the right.
Looking at the bricks on site Mr Opoes and I are thinking that we should have chosen the Ascot brick instead of the blended bricks because the Hendra brick isn't pretty.
Sarking around the end of the house, the water tank it behind this silver paper.
I am hoping that when I go today that some of the brick work has been done and I'll get to see what its going to look like. Fingers crossed its better than what I'm thinking.


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