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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Onward and Upward.

The weather's been ideal for building since Monday. No rain, a nice breeze and temperatures around 30 degrees so I was happy to see that we wouldn't be too far behind schedule. The frame work for the walls was meant to be completed by Tuesday (28th February) and the trusses would all be done by Monday (5th March). So you can imagine how surprised I was to get onsite yesterday and to discover that they are right on schedule. We haven't spoken to Mark (building supervisor) but I'm expecting him to call on Friday with a progress report. We shouldn't have any delays but Coral Homes has required their first progress payment and if the bank don't pay it on time then our chippies won't be working until the funds have cleared. Praying every night that there is no problems..

So I thought I'd share some photos with you of what the house looks like. Not long until we have ourselves a roof and work can happen even if it is raining as everyone will be covered.

The view from the living room, see those pallets I have plans for them.

View from the media room through to the garage.
I had to think long and hard about the photo above, I knew I was at the front of the house but its so easy to become confused with which direction your standing because everything looks the same.

This is the view from Caelan's bedroom down towards the Media Room.

Caelan's bedroom is in the far corner of the block so it should be quite and peaceful for him. As he gets older he won't tend to disturb his siblings especially if he's doing any late night assignments.

Our roof trusses, these are lying flat on top of the walls at the moment

We have four piles of trusses just balancing on the roof, three of them are at the front of the house and the fourth is towards the middle of the house.
These are a few little trusses which will probably form part of the portico (veranda) that leads to the front door.

Mr Opoes is going to be surprised when he arrives home on Friday to see the progress that has happened while he's been away. I'm sure that he'll be happy especially as every time it rains he informs me that we won't be moving in just after the 14 week build schedule.


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