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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The secret of tiling a roof!

While packing up the rental during the latest move I visited the block a few times to photograph the progress of the house. The first change was the removal of the wrong water tank and the arrival of our Colourbond tank which occurred on 2nd March. The tank was positioned at the rear of the block, it was christened during the day with heavy of rain so this had delayed progress again.
'Paperbark' Colourbond Water Tank.
Last Tuesday I saw the guttering and fascia go up. Our building supervisor Mark rang to talk about the number of down pipes at the front of the house. We came up with a solution and again we have to sign another variation form. I was impressed with how quickly the guttering and fascia went up, 99% of the job was completed by one man and his dog. Mr Opoes was on site at the beginning of the day (he missed Mark by 5 minutes) and he rang to double check that the correct colours had been delivered. The only section missing is near the portico and this won't take too long to complete.

The guttering and fascia along the front of the house. 
We choose 'Loft' for the gutter and 'Classic Cream' for the fascia.
Wednesday saw the safety rail go up around the roof line so that the guys can get started tiling the roof on Friday (9th) morning. The roof tiles were delivered on either Wednesday or Thursday and because nothing else was happening I didn't visit the block on Thursday as I was busy dropping moving boxes off to Renee. I was excited  having the roof tiles go up and after speaking to Mark earlier in the week I was amazed that it would all be completed by March 13th. As we were early for Kindy on Friday I took Mackenna, Viveca and Quinlan to the block to get a look at the roof tiles. I was surprised by the number of tiles and tradies working on the roof. I took a few photographs as I'd noticed that sarking had also gone on some of the walls.
One of the roofer preparing the roof.
I was surprised with the amount of roof tiles that had been delivered but I was even more surprised with the colour of the tile. We'd chosen our roof colour back in November so I was a little hazy on the details BUT I was sure that the tiles were wrong. I contacted Mark to talk about it but I had to wait for him to come out of a meeting first. Not Happy Jan. The colour seemed wrong but I wasn't a hundred percent sure and with Mr Opoes also in meeting all morning I was a little worried. I heard back from Mark at 10am, the wrong coloured roof tiles had been delivered and the guys had just spent over 2 hours laying tiles. The delivery was Monier 'passionfruit' tiles and we'd ordered Monier 'fig' tiles. Have a look at these two pictures and you'll see the difference.
Monier 'Passionfruit' a pale pink/purple colour.

Monier 'Fig' a brown/purple colour.

So with this wrong delivery and the bad weather we'd been delayed another week, this is not good news especially when you've been given a 14 week build time. I returned on Friday after collecting Caelan from school and I was surprised to see that a few more deliveries had arrived. We now had a bath and all the windows sitting in the garage.
The children's bath.
All the windows are in the garage ready to be put into each room.
As of today March 13th we have all windows in place and 16 piles of 'fig' roof tiles sitting all over the driveway.
16 pallets of roof tiles and enough room for 2 utes to park on the driveway.

Window in our garage.

Two of the windows at the front of our house.
Now the only thing that will hold us up is the weeks worth of rain we have been promised. I'm hoping that the weather holds up and the guys get all the tiles up by Friday afternoon.



  1. Tsk! That’s not a good service! You must’ve been very disappointed and sad that they delivered wrong roof tiles. They should have checked the material before delivering it to the site. They could have finished this home building sooner, if they did not deliver wrong roof tiles. But let’s just be thankful that it was just a simple problem. +Ashlee Starns

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashlee. Yes it was a real pain in the bottom because my husband and I had to contact them to let them know about there mistake. I know that as women we would have checked the details of the delivery before they left to be sent to the building site. The great thing is that we eventually got the right tiles and the house looks great.

  2. It’s good to hear that despite the bad weather and problems that had gone in there, you still tried to make it till the completion date. It’s amazing how your contractor was able to handle the issues well to make sure that everything will go according to plan and reach the completion date on time. I can see that this is going to be a huge, beautiful house. ->Edmunds General Contracting, LLC

    1. I have to agree with you Sarai the contractor did a great job at fixing the problem regarding the delivery of the wrong coloured roof tiles. We have been in the house now for 12 months and it's a good house. There are always going to be issues when building BUT the good thing was we noticed the majority of them before it was too late. Thanks for stopping by.