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Friday, 16 March 2012

Pinterest here I come.

I'm new to blogging and not really up-to-date with technology and all its advancements. So late last year when I discovered many of the blogs I followed were talking about 'Pinterest' and its addictive powers I had no idea what everyone was talking about. I found Pinterest accidentally while looking for cake recipes. It was coming up to Mr Opoes birthday and I wanted to make him something different. I was drawn to all the great images and the more blogs I read the more interested I became.

One February 29th I was sitting on the lounge breast feeding Quinlan while watching 'The Circle' and the panel were talking to IT experts about the latest trends on the Internet. They were going over what Pinterest was and how addictive it can be. 'The female IT panelist was saying that she had put her request in to join Pinterest and after waiting 4 weeks without an invite she asked her friend to invite her to the site'. So at 11am I sent off my request to join Pinterest, as we were moving I was hoping that the invite would be accepted once we'd settled at Ascot but I wasn't going to hold my breathe because I knew it would take a while to get accepted. So 24 hours later I received an email letting me know that I'd been invited to join the site. I was blown away, they had invited me and I hadn't had to wait too long. I was so excited, they must have known it was my birthday in 3 days time.

I went to sign up but it seemed that I needed a facebook or tweeter account and as I didn't have either I needed to join. So I signed up to facebook which took a while because of my poor technical knowledge. So now I have a facebook account that I don't plan on ever using as I don't have enough hours in my day to parent, blog and pinterest let alone keep up with what everyone is doing on facebook. I requested that my family friend me and with just my 3 siblings I've now got 11 friends. Happy me.

So after a few days of looking I've mastered how to pin things I like to my boards, learnt how to delete all the additional boards I'd created accidentally. The next few things I need to learn is how to pin off the Internet when I'm looking at blogs and how to copy my board onto my blog. So far I can do this but it isn't what I want.


So I still have a lot to learn but I'm getting there. Maybe one day I'll get this whole technology thing and I'll be able to master tasks like this easier.


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