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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Two different BIRTHDAY CAKES

It's Caelan's 7th birthday on Saturday and he's excited especially as he could lose his top two front teeth. The other reason he's excited is because he'll get two birthday cakes (see other birthday cakes here), one for school on Friday and the other on his actual birthday.  Doing a cake for school is quite repetitive, every child having a birthday brings in beautifully iced cupcakes. This means everyone gets the same amount of cake, there's no cutting involved and the only concern is what colour icing you'll use. So keeping this in mind I spent time last week looking at a  few websites trying to get some inspiration.

Caelan reminded me H gave out homemade gingerbread cookies which he loved. I thought that this would be a brilliant idea and you could give each child more than one biscuit. Caelan then started to list his favourite biscuits, only problem was he didn't want any of the usual suspects. So I spent time looking for biscuits/cookies he might want to share with the class. Here are a few I thought we could try.
Spooky Spider Cookies
Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies

I thought I could make 28 'cake pops'. Cake pops are the latest craze in the cake world. They're excellent for kid's birthdays as each child gets a small bit of cake, they are decorated and as they are on a stick there is minimal waste. Here is what I found.
Angry Bird Cake Pops
Lego Marshmallow Pops

Looking at all the beautiful cakes, biscuits and special treats led me to choose two cakes that don't require any cooking. I haven't mastered the gas oven yet so I didn't want to have undercooked cakes or burnt cakes so that's why I chose these two cakes. On Friday Caelan will take this cake to school and his teacher will give it out to 25 kids before the end of the day.
Kierste's Popcorn Cake
This will be Saturday's cake. I'll buy half a sponge slab and then I'll take the time on Friday night to decorate the sponge. This is what I'm hoping to create.
Lego Birthday Cake
So I'm hoping everything goes well with these two cakes. All I need to organise a round cookie cutter so that I can get the little round tops for each of the Lego blocks. All I need to decide now is whether or not I do big blocks like in the picture or I try to do two thinner blocks and make up a number 7 shape. I'll make up my mind after I pick up the cake from Woolworths.

I will share pictures next week, fingers crossed that it all turns out ok. I'm hoping that my Lego blocks look like Lego and I'm not going to do a red block because it'll end up going pink and that won't look to good. I think I'll do blue, white and yellow blocks. I just need to buy more food colouring so that I can add a bit of colour to cakes.


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