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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sequined Baubles and Flower Bauble.

Welcome to the 12.12.12 and our fourth day in the 12 Days of Christmas. Today I want to show you some ornaments that I made with the children. I started off by asking the girls what colours they wanted to see on the Christmas tree and then we went to the shops to see what types of ornaments we could purchase. During our talk the girls had gotten really excited about having lots of balls (baubles) on the tree so I started looking for decorative baubles that were either purple, silver, glittery, shiny or just plain beautiful.

It was during this trip to the shops that I realised that I wanted to make a few baubles with the children so that we had something handmade on the Christmas tree. I went off to the craft store and I purchased a few supplies as I'd used up all my polystyrene balls last year, I also needed purple and silver sequins and last but not least I needed sewing pins and lots of them. When we arrived home I looked through some of my scrapbooking embellishments to see if there was anything else I might be able to use.

While Quinlan and Viveca were down for a sleep I sat down with Mackenna so that we could have a play with our craft items. The idea was to make a few baubles in both silver and purple for the Christmas tree BUT when crafting with Mackenna you should know that everything needs to be purple because according to her it's the best colour in the world.
As there are a heap of tutorials available, so I'll show you in pictures how I went about constructing both of the baubles.

I wanted to have the purple showing through the little
flowers. I used both purple and silver sequins for this bauble.

We thought that putting the purple over the silver would
make the bauble look less like a DISCO BALL.
So these are the two baubles that Mackenna and I made. I must admit it took a lot longer than what I'd planned and Mackenna didn't like pushing the pins into the ball. So I had Mackenna put the flowers and sequins on each pin and stock pill them so that I could place the sequins and flowers in the correct position. At the end of the day we both loved the time we spent together and the pretty decorations that we made for the tree.

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