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Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Reindeer Wine Bottle

Last week I wanted to share with you what Mr Opoes took along to his Christmas Party for his Secret Santa gift but life got in the way and before I knew it the weekend had arrived. After questioning all of Libby's friends Mr Opoes decided to purchase a bottle of white wine for her however when he bought it home I realised that we were going to have to dress it up a little because the bottle was a little boring.
I'd previously seen a decorating idea for Reindeer Root Beer's at The Organised Housewife and it was then that I got the idea of decorating the wine bottle so that it would look more Christmasy. Due to not having any of the items required I went in search of the items and it was at this time that I came to the realisation that this little craft project was going to cost a bit of money $10 in total and I was going to have a heap of pom poms, goggley eyes and pipe cleaners left over. The final cost would have been $0.15 however as it meant having more craft items and know were to house them I opted for another option. While I was visiting Riot Art I came across a felt reindeer for $0.99 and because it was larger I went with this option instead.
All I needed to do was glue the felt pieces and goggley eyes with my hot glue gun and I had my reindeer. My mother was visiting for a few days so I was able to have help me put it together and attach it to the bottle so that it would arrive safely at the Office Christmas Party the following day.
The following photo's show you the steps I took to make the Christmas Reindeer Wine Bottle that Mr Opoes took along to his Office Christmas Party.
STEP ONE -  position the smaller pieces of felt and eyes onto the large felt piece so that it resembles a reindeer, this will allow you to see if you are happy with the look of your reindeer.

STEP TWO - start by gluing the ear's in place first, do the mouth and follow this with doing the nose next. I then glued the eyes making sure that you have placed them so that they're in portion to the rest of the facial pieces.

STEP THREE - lastly glue the rosy checks onto the face. It will be a good idea to focus on were these will be positioned so that they aren't too close to the other facial features as you won't want to overload the reindeer.

STEP FOUR - the last thing to do with the reindeer's face is to glue on it's antlers. Place them on an angle so that they aren't exactly perfect.

STEP FIVE - I glued two lengths of red ribbon onto the back of the reindeer so that I'd be able to tie him to the neck of the bottle. I glued about 5 centimetres of the ribbon to the back of the reindeer.
STEP SIX - attach to the bottle making sure that if you are going to place him into a bag he is sitting high enough so that his antlers don't get caught on anything.
So here is what Mr Opoes took as his Secret Santa gift and we were able to keep the gift under the $10 mark. Here is the break down of what we spent:
bottle of wine $9.95
Reindeer Kit $0.99
Wine Bag $1.98
So I was really happy that we managed to purchase the Secret Santa gift and wrap it for a grand total of $12.92 and better still Libby was happy with her gift and she liked the Reindeer decoration on top of her bottle. So what did Mr Opoes receive from his Secret Santa a large box of Cadbury Favourites so he's happy to eat his assortment of mini chocolate bars every night.

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