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Thursday, 10 May 2012

It's almost ours....

I visited the block today so that I could drop my pendant lights and all the light globes off. Mr Opoes and I didn't leave the pendants last night because I was a little worried that something might happen to them. Now I'm worried that one of the many tradies might damage the pendant light in our front entry or that it might attract unwanted attention for bored individuals. Last night three houses and two cars were burnt to the ground so I'm praying that everything is OK because I don't want to go and start looking for more lights.

In other news Coral Homes won't allow us to use the instant hot water system so we now have a 330 litre hot water system so that'll work until we can afford to change things over - that'll be in 10 years time easy. After picking Caelan up from school we all called into the house to have a look at the progress since this morning. From what Mr Opoes and I saw we should be able to move into our new and finished house by about 11th June 2012. I can't wait because I'm looking to de-clutter so that I don't move too much stuff into the house that we really don't need.

Having lived in a 4 bedroom rental and now in a granny flat I've realised that there are items we own that we just don't need so I'm looking forward to the challenge. I've also decided to create two pantries within the kitchen area instead of having a pantry and a linen cupboard. I've got so much storage space in the laundry that I think the linen cupboard will be very empty. If the laundry storage facility isn't big enough then I'll just split it in half and share the space between excess food items and excess laundry items.

So here are few pictures of the house. I have a few too many pictures of the lights BUT I just wanted to see how the lights looked, especially as I've had many of the lights for a couple of months now.



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