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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Final countdown

Mr Opoes, Quinlan and I went to the house tonight to deliver all the lights so that the electricians can install them in the morning. I'd dropped a few lights off this morning you can these lights herehere and here, I made a few more changes to the positioning of the television's power points e.g. moved the television up the wall to create that home theatre effect and I discussed changing the hot water tank over to an instant hot water system. Mr Opoes had read over the 'building specification' to discover that we were going to receive a 130 litre hot water system and this falls way short of our needs. You can imagine our surprise when we found that the supplier had supplied a 310 litre water system.

This water system is much bigger BUT I had just spent the entire morning hunting down an instant hot water system, ordering it and paying for it. We can't find anything in the mountains of paperwork that we have from Coral Homes so we are now very confused with what's going on. More work for me to do in the morning. We're only weeks away from finishing this house so I'm getting super excited. The next issue I need to get organised is trying to get rid of half the stuff we have so that there isn't too much stuff going back into this beautiful new house.

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