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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Funniest Home Video's verses reality

So I haven't posted anything lately due to the children been sick with the flu and having all four wanting to do different things while also wanting to have my full attention. Having this time off school has meant that Caelan has had the opportunity to work on his Book Report which is turning into a mammoth project. I'm also suffering from a cold as the children all love to share their germs with me. So without further ado here is some stuff that's been happening.

So other weekend the kids and I watched Australia's Funniest Home Video's and they showed a montage of various ways children could remove loose teeth from their mouths. We all got a good laugh from the various ways to remove the tooth but Caelan was hatching a plan. He waited five days before asking me to try a few of the ways that the kids used.

Caelan has had a loose tooth for the past three months and its getting in the way of his day to day activities. I'm constantly been told that it hurts when he eats, been asked if he'll swallow it and that it keeps going behind the tooth beside it. I could see in his eyes that he was eager to remove the tooth BUT he was also very worried about how much it would hurt. I decided to take a few pictures to document how the tooth came out because I knew that he'd soon forget how it happened and then he'd want me to remind him and that could be a difficult task especially with my memory been what it is.

So here are the lovely pictures that I captured and then I'll tell you which one worked.

We used dental floss around his tooth and a shoe.

You can see how scared he is.......

This time we used purple sewing cotton attached to the 
blue shoe and dropped down the stairs.

Attempt number three using the trusted door slam method.

Caelan didn't end up going through with this attempt.
 So this is how his tooth finally feel out. He was walking back to the house after helping Mr Opoes put something in the car, the tooth needed repositioning (it had been hiding behind the other front tooth) so gently he used his tongue to move the tooth into position. It just landed on his tongue with the first touch. Now he can't stop smiling

I will be taking a few days off over the coming month as the build is coming to an end and I'll have to spend a heap of time packing up the granny flat, unpacking at the new house and organising the kid's, the house and what our new routine will involve. Thanks for reading.


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