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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

When motherhood throws you a curve ball..

This post was written not long after I took a break from blogging
and it's one of the reasons why I choose to focus on my family.

Where has the time gone? It seems like it was on yesterday that I was celebrating my birthday, we were madly running around getting Caelan's birthday organised, school was about to break up for Easter and I was preparing to get ready to celebrate Easter with the children.  So what have I done while I've not been blogging? The answer to that questions is 'not much but I have done more than normal'.
I generally love been a mother to my four young cherubs, its hard work sometimes but more often than not its really rewarding. My eldest son came first in he's school cross country for the eight year old group two days before his eighth birthday and we were all so proud of him. However, at the same time I was dealing with a sick little cherub.

Quinlan picked up a cold due to teething at the beginning of March, I was really grateful that he's improved by about the 10th March as this meant that I could use my evenings and his sleep times to work on getting Caelan's birthday party organised. However, seven days later he was sick again. This time things were a lot different and my happy go lucky little boy was pale, tired and NOT HAPPY AT ALL. He has since had small bouts of the flu every couple of months so I'm watching him closely to make sure that things don't get any worse. I have a new understanding for parents who have sick children who spend time in and out of hospital.

I took Quinlan to the doctor's one day after a four and a half hour sleep because when he woke up he was pale and lifeless. I then spent the next 5 hours sitting on the couch holding him and trying to get him to drink a little bit of water as the doctor had informed me that he was dehydrated. The other difficult thing was trying to get a seventeen month old (he's now 22 months old) to tell you what was wrong, it seems funny now but every time I'd ask him if his tummy was sore he'd shake his head 'yes' and then vomit. At the time though I just felt sorry for him.

After countless trips to the local doctor's and the children's hospital I was informed that he'd probably started off having a gastro bug which had been masking the fact that he also had pneumonia. I found during my time at the Children's Hospital it was important to see the funny side of thing otherwise you can spend all those hours thinking the worst. On our first visit they wanted a urine sample from Quinlan so he spent four plus hours in his room naked in the hopes that the cold air would make him urinate. Didn't work. They even suggested I go to the toilet in the hopes that he gets the idea of what they wanted from him. No such luck. At the end of the five hours I left the hospital with a urine collection container and a very tired little munchkin.

One of the best part of the whole visit was the number of nurses who came in to talk to Quinlan and left after telling me that he was a very cute little boy. However, as his mum I already knew that Quinlan is cute BUT I did enjoy all the cuddles that we had during the time that Quinlan was sick.

Motherhood had been difficult of late. I've had to learn how to multi-task in area's that I've never had to before. More importantly, I've had to learn how to look after a very sick little cherub while also being solely in charge of three other cherubs. Mr Opoes took a business trip to Newcastle and I was left to figure things out on my own. It's funny no matter how old you are you still run to your mum for help and that's what I did.

I rang my mum just to make sure that I was doing the best for Quinlan and that the decisions I'd made were the right ones. So I'm hoping that my little man can bounce back and continue to improve. One thing I will miss is all the time Quinlan and I spent cuddling when he was ill, he's not a typically cuddly boy so the time spent together was really special.

During this time I learnt some very valuable lessons. The first thing I need to start doing more of is  cuddling my children more often and I need to spend some one on one time with each of them. I noticed during this time that the other three were trying to get my attention and because I was always tired up with Quinlan I never seemed to have any time for them. They would then end up being naughty in the hopes that this would get them some attention. The other thing I learnt was that I'm generally doing the right thing. I may over think things, worry about small things and get confused with who has done what or when something needs to be completed BUT overall I'm doing well and I'm forever learning.
So thank you for allowing me to have a moment and for sharing my thoughts with you. Tomorrow is a new day and things can only get better.

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