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Friday, 30 August 2013

Framing the Entry

I'm a lover of Pinterest and while I've been blogging I've enjoyed looking for DIY projects, recipes, clothing projects that I might get around to sewing and any things that might relate to decorating our house. Recently though I haven't gotten to pin too much as I've been concentrating on doing Amy's Growing Together: Summer 2013 course and making changes to the look of my blog. So it came as a huge surprise the other week when I realised that we moved into our new house just over twelve months ago and not much has changed.

My entry is still the same as it was the day we moved in (OK there is a lot more dirt and dust than there was on handover day). It's plain, boring and in need of so DIY loving. When you walk into our house it would be really hard for you to see how many hours I've spent dreaming about how I want to decorate the house (particularly the entry), planning how to decorate many of the rooms and collecting pin's for my Pinterest boards (when I have time) so that I could use any of the idea's later down the track. Well I'm pleased to say that I've finally taken the leap and I'm going to use a few of the pin's from my Entry board to create a warm and welcoming entry to our house.

It all started in May when I visited Jen's blog Tatertots & Jello and I discovered her Wall of Frames. I fell in love with it instantly, I pinned and then I showed it to my husband the moment he walked through the door after work. Let's be honest It was an ambush and my husband didn't know what had hit him. So I started collecting frames from around the house, I visited thrift stores and I purchased more few decorative frames from a dollar store, Target and Bed, Bath and Table.

I rang my sister later in the week and shared Jen's link with her to see what she thought about my idea especially because she helped design our house. While talking to her she suggested that we could use more than one colour which would add to the feature I wanted to create. So I jumped back on Pinterest and I started searching for gallery walls that used colour and when I found a few pin's that used a heap of colour I knew this was the direction I wanted to take.

Source can be found on my Pinterest Board.

So I got to work collecting frames, looking for paint chips that complement each other, dreaming of a new light fixture and looking for a hall table. In order to save money I started looking at thrift stores for wooden photo frames and I was able to find a few but each one looked the same so I had to spend a bit of money buying nice ornate frames. I also tried Gumtree to find my hall table and pendant light however all the ones I liked sold really quickly or they were priced out of my budget.

So you can imagine my delight when found a women on Facebook who sold used furniture. The best part she was only 20 minutes drive away and I had the option of buying the item as is or she could 'shabby chic' the piece in a colour that you wanted. I went to the store just to see what she had on offer and also hoping that I'd find something. When I went into the back room I saw a beautiful little mustard table but it had been given the shabby treatment and I didn't really want to spend the time and money changing the colour. That's when I remembered that my father had up-cycled a dressing table for my daughter last year so I thought that it was a possibility. I decided to leave it at the shop because it was more than I wanted to spend and I knew that I could get something cheaper on Gumtree.

A few weeks later I decided I'd go back to see if the table was still available or if there was any other pieces that might work in the entry. I found lots of chairs, bedside tables and other beautiful pieces but I couldn't find a hall table. Then I saw the mustard table again BUT this time it was within my price range so I went and had a good look at it. I bought it because I knew that it would be great in the space and secondly because I really liked it. So here is my little mustard beauty that I'm going to paint black and I'm going to change the colour of the hardware.

My little Mustard Hall Table.

I'm hoping that everything works out well with my first ever house project. Pop back next week and I'll share with you the colours I chose and the layout I decided on. I'll also share with you the method I used to select the colour combination that I used.

I'm in love with colour at the moment, which is really funny because I don't generally have a heap of colourful clothes in my wardrobe. Tell me do you only use two or three colours when you decorate or do you use a selection of colours that compliment each other.



  1. Can't wait to see the new look entry wall with the highly anticipated gallery of coloured frames. Keep up the great blogs, good to see you back in the swing of things.....

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I will be sharing the gallery wall next week however I'm still waiting on a few thing for the whole room before I can finally call it finished. I'm really excited and nervous as this is my first decorating project for the house. So if you check back next week I'd love to hear what you think :) I'm glad to be back and it's great that you're enjoying what I'm sharing. Have a great weekend...

  2. Fabulous! you did an amazing job, well done!!!!

    1. Hi Mel thanks for the lovely comment. I'm really excited to share the finished gallery wall with you next week but I have to agree with you the coloured gallery walls I shared with you are inspirational. I hope you like my finished wall as much as the examples I shared.

  3. I love that little table, it's very unique!


    1. Thank you for stopping Tania. I fell in love with the table the moment I saw it but I ended up waiting a while before I went back to see if it was still there. It was and so I just knew it was meant to be. If you come back in two days you can see the make over it's been given :)