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Monday, 29 October 2012

When crafting isn't easy!

Mackenna started back at kindy four weeks ago and because most of the children are starting school in January the teachers are using rest time to allow the children to do some creative play e.g. drawing. Now Mackenna is one of six children in the class who isn't going off to school next year, this is because she turns 5 after June 31st 2013 and she is considered too young. Funny thing is that by waiting until January 2014 to start school she'll now be considered one of the older children. Anyway back to watch I wanted to talk about. I wanted to decorate the book that Mackenna will use during rest time creative time so that she had something pretty to look at. How hard could it be? I had an idea, the time and I had most of the things I was going to need.

So lets start at the very beginning and we'll see how this little big project turns out.

Do you have those day's when things just don't go your way and for the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've been working on a little crafting project for Mackenna for the past two days and things just aren't coming together for me. I had an idea of decorating the cover Mackenna's kindy Scrapbook so that when she uses it she can be inspired to draw some pictures during rest times. I know how I want the finished project to look like BUT I think I've over estimated the space I have to work within and this is why it's taking so long.
Mackenna is really excited about what I'm doing for her, she can't wait to see how it'll finish up. So I thought I'd share with you all the steps I took to create her Drawing Book for kindy. I'm just going to show the pictures because this project is really self explanatory and if you can use contact to cover a book than it's pretty simple. The supplies you'll need to have are scrapbooking paper, double sided tape, ribbon, any other craft supplies you want to use and AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU'RE DOING lol. 
Gather supplies.

Draw and Cut out bunting pieces.

Cover book with silver contact.

Add washi tape or scrapbooking paper to bunting pieces.

Layout out your pattern before adding taping and paper.

See how you need to lay it out on your book.

Add title or any other embellishments.
Close up of the lettering. Cover with clear contact
 to protect everything and to keep it clean.

Washi tape to identify Mackenna's pencils.

Pencil Case

Finally finished.

One happy little girl with all her stationary.

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