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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Cake Smash for my ONE Year Old.

My little man turned one back on the 18th October and as we didn't do the big family birthday party I thought I'd have some special photo's taken of him eating his cake so that we had something special to remember the day by. My camera doesn't take great pictures so I knew straight away I had to call my talented and lovely friend Fiona from Dream Art Photography to come capture all the fun of Quinlan eating the birthday cake his mummy made him.
I'd read a few photography blogs to get some idea's about what I should and shouldn't be doing. I discovered a few interesting things that I'm glad I read before we got ready for our photo shoot. This is what I learnt:
you won't want to use red icing because when mixed with dribble it'll look like your baby is bleeding.
if thinking of using green icing go with a very pale colour especially as it's likely to go up their nose and this may give the effect of having a snotty nose.

Quinlan's Home Made Birthday Cake.
when making your cake make a vanilla butter cake, plain sponge cake or a pound cake because if you make a chocolate cake it could look like your child is eating pooh.
keep it simple because you want your baby to eat the cake and having lots of pretty things on top may slow proceedings down.
if you are going to an outdoor location or a photographer's studio bring a towel, nappy wipes, change of clothes and a bag to put all the dirty things in with you.

I really enjoyed watching Fiona while she was working with Quinlan. The funniest thing to happen on the day was when we placed Quinlan down in front of the cake. The grass was a little rough and Quinlan didn't have shoes on so he wasn't to confident sitting down at first but this soon changed. As we had the photo's taken near the local lake, there were a heap of people going for their early morning walking around the lake. A couple stopped by with their pet dog and they asked if they could get a photo of their dog with Quinlan, only problem was the dog licked Quinlan's hand and this upset him.

Before the dog tried to eat the cake on Quinlan's hand.
He recovered quickly, we dried his eyes and he went back to eating his cake. Fiona was impressed with his concentration because generally young children don't have a very long attention span but  Quinlan worked on his cake for 20 minutes. We started taking these photo's around 7.45am because the light was good and it was cool enough for the cake to survive the elements. Quinlan had over slept and we had to wake him for the photo shoot, therefore he hadn't had his breakfast so when it came time to eat the cake he was up for the challenge.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures Fiona took of Quinlan during his cake smash session, I wish I'd done this with all my babies as it would have been lovely to have compared how each child reacted to their birthday cake. All that's left is for me to do now is to pick the one photography that I'll be hanging on our future gallery wall.

So please stop on over to Fiona's beautiful photography blog Dream Art Photography and fall in love with the adorable newborn pictures, get idea's for your next family photo or just have a look at all the lovely mummy to be pictures that she has taken. I know that I'll be using some of the pictures that Fiona has taken of the kid's recently to update the look of my blog's header especially as the photo's are 11 months old and the children have all changed since then.

Fiona came back to our house and even captured the clean up. It was the perfect finish to a great photo shoot.

If you live in Brisbane and you are wanting a photographer to take beautiful pictures of you during  your pregnancy, your new born or if you just want some great family photo's taken Fiona will do a great job. She is easy to work with, the children will love her (she's also a mum to 4 cherubs) and the photography's will be breathtaking. I'm off to start planning my gallery wall.


  1. Great post Megan. Everyone loves the face in the cake!! What a character he is.

    1. I think he look really cute in all his photo's. I'm thinking that I'm going to get one of him with his face in the cake and put it up on my gallery wall. Thanks for the lovely comment Fiona. Quinlan and I want to thank you for your beautiful pictures and we hope that we can invite you back to see what pictures we put on the wall. :)