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Friday, 6 September 2013

Framing the Entry... the reveal

Drum roll please...... As promised yesterday I want to share with you my very first gallery wall and it definitely won't be my last. I've loved gallery walls since they become popular in the blogging world, so much so that while we were building our house I went out and purchased a heap of picture frames so that I could get started immediately after moving in. Well that was fourteen plus months ago and this wall wasn't even on my radar back then. So today as promised I'm going to show you the completed gallery wall but first I want to give you a break down of how I'm going on my to-do list and to give you some idea of what I've spent so far on my Entry makeover.
I thought that this project would have been done and dusted within three weeks maybe a bit longer if the electrician was booked up BUT I miss judged the amount of work involved and my ability to get it done. I'm still looking into the electrical work as pricing will play a major role work but I also need to think outside of this particular room so that I don't have to call them back later to do more electrical work as this will be expensive on the hip pocket. Maybe now that I've finished the gallery wall I can tick off some of the smaller tasks....
  • create a gallery wall
  • find a table, bench, stand for added storage
  • tint glass on door and side panel
  • repaint the hall table
  • add a pop of colour to the front door
  • change the large chandelier with something more practical for the space and the ceiling height
  • find something to go on the wall above the hall table
  • dress the hall table
  • maybe a rug or something for the floor
  • add vintage suitcases
Now for the budget. We set $800 for this project which may seem quite large but while we were building our house Mr Opoes and I decided that we'd include a beautiful feature light in the entry and with dreams like that a big price tag is sure to follow. During construction I fell in love with a heap of beautiful lights I liked but they all came from America and this could have meant that I'd be faced with issues relating to voltage (we have different requirements) and with the light meeting Australia's Safety Standards so I had to look else where. So here is the breakdown of what I've spent or need to spend:
  • picture frames $60
  • paint, primer and spray paint $70
  • 3M Command Strips $58
  • butchers paper $0
  • painters tape $0
  • black ink pen $0
  • paint chips $0
  • brand new light $375
  • electrician - could be up to $200
  • hall table plus new paint $119
  • window treatment $24.98
  • TOTAL: $906.98
As you can see I'm already over budget, it's possible that my guessimation is way under budget which means I'd need more funds to install the light. I've decided that I'll take the time to save the additional money needed so that we can have the light installed but in order to put some funds back into the kitty I'm going to try and sell the chandelier on-line. I'm hoping that if I price it correctly I should be able to sell it pretty quickly.

So without delaying the reveal any further I now have the pictures you've all been waiting for (sounds dramatic doesn't it). I hope that you like the colourful gallery wall that I've created as much as I do and I'm looking forward to completing the entire entry within the next month or so.

So tell me what you think? I'd love to hear what your opinion is of my gallery wall. I love it and the pop's of colour give the room some character which is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I started this project. I'm hoping in the next week or two to get the tint onto the glass panels on the door and on the panel beside the door. I'll have to organise with Mr Opoes to take the children out for a few hours so that I can spend the time doing the job correctly. Fingers crossed I get everything done within the time limit I've set myself.



  1. I'm back! It was totally worth the effort. I looks amazing! Good job Megan.

    1. I know I love it and it gives the house some colour. I've still got projects to finish but I can't wait to get them completed so that the room is 100% finished. That way when people come to the door they won't get confused with a filing cabinet sitting up against the wall. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Katrina. We love all the colour and with young kids it's also fun for them. Just need to finish off a few more jobs, then it's all done :)

  3. Looks great Megan. Love how you've framed the light switches too. Keep up the great posts & craft ideas.

    1. Thanks Renee for the lovely comment. Framing the light switches will hopefully assist my husband when it comes to turning on the correct light :) and it'll help the kids recognise too. I'm planning a few more reveals with the entry however I just need to get better organised. Hope to have something up about our veggie patch by Friday (fingers crossed). Thanks for visiting xx

  4. Megan you did an amazing job and I love the colours you've chosen they're so bright against the white walls. Save and get the thing you want most the candy will sell.

    1. Thank you Mel for the lovely comment. I to love the colours and how they pop against the white wall. I'm also saving like mad so that I can get the things I want BUT I think for the next project I might have a bigger budget that way I might have a chance of saving $$ Thanks for visiting :)