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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

May The Force Be With You

Yesterday I mentioned that I've been busy working on organising and preparing for Caelan's eighth birthday party at the end of the month. Now there are a few things you'd learn about Caelan within minutes of meeting him. One is that he is madly in LOVE with anything 'Star Wars' and he'll talk your ear's off if you let him. The other fun facts you'll learn is that he loves LEGO, he's made about technology and if he's not reading he'll be search YouTube for new video's take feature anything Star Wars or Lego related.

So I knew straight away that if we asked if he'd want a birthday party he'd immediately want a Star Wars themed party. So once I had the go ahead, I started searching Pinterest to see what ideas I could steal borrow for his upcoming birthday party. It was during my search that I came across the fabulous party printables made by the lovely Simone she runs an online party business called Simone Made It. The first thing I did was to make sure that I'd use the majority of the printables that are included in the pdf file especially as I'd have to wait another eight years for Quinlan to hopefully want to use the same theme.

I'm using the invitation in the top left hand corner.

All the text on these particular invitations was changeable so this allowed me to enter all of our party details and make up individual invitations for each child. I printed out each invitation using our printer and I set them aside for twenty-four hours so that the ink would set before cutting them. Now in my part of Brisbane we've been dealing with a heap of rain so I quickly came to the realisation that handing out printed invitations wouldn't be ideal.

To make the invitations a bit stronger I framed the invitation with two layers of card stock. I decided to use three different coloured card stock just because that's what I had on hand in my stash, now I went with silver glitter card, purple glitter card and a blue shimmering card stock. Now as I've been listening intently to Caelan during the last two weeks I knew that I had to add some shimmer and/or glitter to the invitation so that it resembled the starry galaxy that goes hand and hand with a Star Wars theme.

So I cut out the paper image, placed double sided tape on the back and stuck it onto the glitter card stock. I wanted some of the glitter to show through so I allowed 0.5 centimetres to create a boarder around the printed image. I then struck the glitter card stock onto black card stock so that the entire invitation was more solid. Again I created a 0.5 centimetre perimeter around the glitter card just to tie it all together. After all that I placed the invitations under some heavy telephone books just to make sure that everything stuck together properly. So after hours of cutting, measuring and gluing both Caelan and I were extremely happy with the way his invitations turned out.

The invitation at the front has a purple
 glitter boarder BUT it photographs blue.

So tell me what do you think? Do you think that the glitter worked? I'm very happy with the way the invitations turned out my only disappointment is that the blue shimmer card stock (invitation that has Luke on it) isn't the wasn't the correct colour but it was the closest I could get at the time. Caelan was really, really happy with the way the invitation looked and he couldn't wait for school to start today so that he could hand them out to all his Star Wars made friends.



  1. I have a newborn boy lying next to me as I write this and cannot imagine one day making him Star Wars birthday party invitations... but that day will be here before I know it, right?! These are just fantastic. I love the glitter. Well done!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I know what you're saying, enjoy every single moment because they grow up so quickly and before you know it they've started school. Life seems to be flying by at such a fast rate. I loved using the glitter too, I can't wait to use it when we decorate for the party just hope that I don't covered in it haha. Thanks for stopping by. Megan :)

  2. Hey! You need to get on social media! You're a tough lady to find! :) I'm hopping over from our Grow your Blog class with Amy- I nominated you for a Liebster Award! The post about it goes live tomorrow at 3am PST.

    1. Hi Nicole, I launched my Facebook page on 5th July and I'm sure I mentioned it on Amy's Grow your Blog class. Thank you for the nomination that was really kind of you. I am in the process of trying to update my blog so I haven't posted anything since March. I've had a look at your blog a few times in the last few weeks and it looks great. I will look at the Liebster Awards tomorrow :)