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Monday, 14 July 2014

Playroom Inspiration

We've lived in our not so new house for two years now and I'm presently looking to create a kid's area for the children to play in, create in and study in. With four children ranging in ages between nine and two it can be some what difficult to make the space work for everyone all the time. I knew straight up that I wanted the room to be multifunctional while also making it a fun and happy place to play in. So the first thing I did was search Pinterest to great some ideas of what makes a great playroom.

If you click on my Pinterest board you'll notice that colour, reading and homework area play a large roll when I've chosen the pins I've picked. In this post I thought I'd share my favourite playroom finds and the idea behind what I was thinking when I pinned each picture.

Love the colours and the amount of storage for toys.

Love the coloured canvas storage cubes and the little reading
nook between the bookcases.

A great bench seat that would be ideal for a reading nook.

Cushions for a reading nook to encourage
the kids to read.

Love the book cover letter to promote reading.

Long desk for all four children to sit at when
everyone is at school.

Love. Love. Love the colours in this room. It's so what I want for our
space because it would make you smile.

Love this rug and would love to great
something similar to it.
As you can see I have picked images that have a heap of storage within the room as well as lots of colour. If I had to describe my design criteria for the kids playroom I'd say that it might look like a 'Rainbow has thrown up in the room'. I'm wanting the colours to work within in the room without competing so I'm hoping that I'll e ale to pull this off when it all comes together.

In the coming weeks I'll share a few things that I've achieved so far within the room. I've got plans to paint a recently purchased bench seat using a new Australian made chalk paint that was released by a local business called Canterbury Blue Shabby Chic Furniture. The paint is called Chalk EZ2 Paint it's really easy to use and I'll go into more details when I get my seat finished.

I can't wait to share the things I've completed with you and I'm hoping that I get everything finished. I've now found the few things that I spent months searching for and I just need to find the time once school goes back to get this project FINISHED. Don't hold you're breath projects in this house seem to take forever to get completed. Wish me luck I'm sure I'll get there ha ha.



  1. Good luck Megan, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun creating a rainbow vomit free room, can't wait to see what you do xo Also I am looking forward to the chalk paint project her colours are gorgeous!

    1. I've got my fingers crossed that I don't have a vomit worthy room ha ha. The colour I'm using for my Chalk Paint project was a special colour but I agree her colours are gorgeous and so in keeping with what's happening in Australia. The other great thing is she can create a colour just for you which I think is a brilliant marketing opportunity.

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the room! If I were a kiddo and had such a colorful and comfy room I'd love it!

    1. Thanks Christina for visiting. So far the kids are liking the colours just needing to put in a little more work and the room will be finished. Fingers crossed its before they all move out of home.

  3. Man, makes me wish I had a room to dedicate to the "play room". Someday....

    I love the colors! So bright and happy. How could you not be happy in that room?! Good luck with your project!

    1. Thanks Krista for your lovely words. We are lucky to have a room for the kids to play in especially as in our last house we had a corner of the lounge room to use. The colours are bright and happy which I'm hoping will make the space a good place to be.

  4. Such pretty colors! I love how bright and inviting the rooms look- great inspiration!

    1. Thanks Nicole the colours are so bright and that's what I'm liking. I'm hoping that it helps inspire the kids while they play, study and create in our playroom.