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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Getting closer to 40

It's my thirty-ninth birthday today. I can't believe it where have my thirties gone? When night clubbing was all the rage I'd continually get asked for identification, even when I was ordering a soft drink because I'd be the designated driver again (lack of money meant I couldn't party with alcohol). I remember being told over and over again wait until your thirty and things will change. Holy Moly have they ever. Sometime I feel like I've slept through the last nine years of my life especially now as time seems to be fly by at the speed of light.

Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed the last nine years of my life even when it's filled with loud, crying and naughty children I wouldn't swap it with anyone WELL NOT FOR A LONG TIME ANYWAY. I've birthed four children who I love to bits and everyday they do or say something that makes me love them just that little bit more. We've sold our house, moved three times within eleven months before our house was built and I've done most of that while I was pregnant. We've changed schools, picked kindergartens, had a few holidays, caught up with family, celebrated a few weddings, planned Christenings, birthday parties and generally lived life one day at a time.

So today I thought I'd share ten things you mightn't know about me.
1. I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand, started school over there but I was made to wait four months before I could officially start school in Australia.
2. When I was young we were going to travel around Australia, we never made it out of Queensland.
3. Growing up I loved athletics and I won a few age champion things at school.
4. I ran against Cathy Freeman (Australian Olympic Gold Medallist) when I was in primary school. She won.
5. I'm the eldest of four children.
6. When I was twelve I wanted to be a nun and we weren't even Catholic.
7. A month before my eighteenth birthday I was told I was a type 1 diabetic.
8. I got pregnant on my honeymoon, we found out while in Hamilton New Zealand which we thought was unusual.
9. I studied to become a Primary School teacher but never finished and I only had one more semester to complete.
10. I always support New Zealand in sporting events especially the rugby. I also love yelling loudly so the neighbours can hear if New Zealand beats Australia in the Bledlisloe Cup.

So there you have it a few little bits of information about me, think about it as my present to you. I'm off to have fun with the kids and wait for Mr Opoes to come home from his business trip. The kids have been talking for the last three days about the great gift they have (daddy) gotten me and there's been times when they've nearly spilled the beans. Hope you have an enjoyable day and have a piece of cake for me.



  1. Boo to the NZ cheering :) Happy Birthday I'm sorry you lost to Cathy that would have made a great story LOL

    1. I'll always be a New Zealander even with Australian citizenship. It's funny but I've even really told too many people about my encounter with Cathy probably because she beat me by a country mile. I think she'd packed up and gone home for dinner by the time I crossed the finish line ha ha