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Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Birthday to you..

As a stay at home mother I've come to the realisation that I haven't noticed how my children have changed while they're growing up. I was talking to a school mum last week and she commented on how tall Quinlan was for a 10 month old. I corrected her about his ages, as he's nearly 16 months old but I also didn't think he was tall. So over the weekend I pulled out various photography's of Viveca and I was reminded of what she looked like as a baby. Being my third baby I remember being a little surprised that she was my biggest baby, she weighed in at just under 8 pounds 1oz (3650 grams) and she was 49 centimetres long which also means that she was the shortest. Yet when I see new babies now I can't remember my babies ever been that small so it's not surprising that I don't notice things about them as easily as other people do. So I thought I'd write a letter to you for your birthday.

Ready for her first night in hospital.
Dear Viveca,

Today is your birthday and it's hard to believe that our baby girl is turning three. In the short time you've been with us you've experienced a few changes to your environment, your routine and you're family. At no stage have you complained, you've been a good sleeper and because of your lovely nature you haven't made it difficult for mummy to do all the day-to-day things that I needed to do. As a little sister you adore Caelan and Mackenna, following them around and wanting to be involved in everything that they do. As Quinlan's big sister, you're always there to help him, grab him and to protect him. At times Quinlan gets frustrated when you pick him up under the arm's but I can always count on you to have him laughing by the time he's back in front of mummy.  So Viveca, I thought I'd write down a few things that I wanted to share with you, so that you knew how loved you are.

1. You had lived in four different house by the time you were 2 and a half.
2. You love to say 'hello' to people when we're out and if they don't respond you'll just say 'hello' to another person .
3. When you're tired you twist your hair while either sucking a dummy or your finger.
4. You are the only one who as used a dummy and a bottle and this makes you special.
5. You are scared of animals e.g. cats, dogs, ants, spiders
6. When eating you have to have the same as Mackenna and you will often get upset if she has something you don't.
7. You love having peanut butter and strawberry jam on Raisin Toast.
8. You enjoy sharing the bath with Quinlan and Mackenna BUT if you're offered a shower you think all your Christmas's have come at once.
9. You don't enjoy having your hair washed and at times you can get quiet upset.
10. You're not afraid to tell me when you're scared and at times you'll miss doing things because they are scary.

6 months old and ready to be baptised.
11. You don't like eating pea's or corn.
12. You love going to Kindy with Mackenna and being part of the class even though you're not quiet old enough.
13. You tend to fall over or walk into things when you get really tired.
14. Your favourite colour is PINK but you sometimes get it confused with purple.
15. You love changing your clothes two or three times a day.
16. It's extremely difficult to get you to put your clothes in the wash or away in your drawers.
17. You often tell everyone that you love them BUT at bedtime you'll give me a big cuddle and you're also let me know how much you love me.
18. You love watching Peppa Pig on television at 5pm every night.
19. When Mackenna gets up and dances you will copy her and the two of you will put on a show.
20. I sometime think that you and Mackenna were twins, you just decided to stay an additional 18 months because you enjoyed being in my womb.

Look who's 1.

21. You are still having at least a 90 minute daytime sleep every day.
22. You have asked to wear underpants to bed and we are going to start that tonight.
23. You would much prefer to sleep on the floor than in your bed BUT you also love sleeping in mummy and daddy's bed. So if you had to list your sleeping preferences they would be:
* on the floor with your head out in the hallway.
* in mummy and daddy's bedroom on either the floor or on our bed.
* on your bed
24. You are loved by Caelan, Mackenna, Quinlan, Daddy and Mummy and we are happy to have you with us in our family.

Enjoying her 2nd birthday dinner.
As a family we're so blessed to have you in our lives and I thank God every day for giving you to us. I cherish the relationship I have with you as it can be challenging, fun, loud while also been rewarding. I love how you let me tickle you and you'll laugh so hard and long even after I've finished tickling you. People have asked me if our family is finished and I think it is because I already have the most fabulous children and they bring such joy, happiness and delight into our lives.
So Viveca I hope you enjoy your 3rd birthday and that you enjoy your star birthday cake. I'm looking forward to watching you grow, starting school, making friends but most of all I'm going to enjoy the time I have with you as time has passed so quickly.

Happy 3rd Birthday Beautiful Girl.

Lots of hugs and kisses to my beautiful girl from your brothers, sister, Daddy and Mummy we all hope that you have a great birthday with us.



  1. Awww how sweet!! Love this :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Anne. I had fun putting it together. :)