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Monday, 26 November 2012

Making Christmas ornaments with the kid's.

Back in September while walking through one of the big department stores at our local shopping centre I noticed that they had already put up the Christmas Tree's and all the ornaments, tinsel and wrapping paper was out on display. I couldn't believe that they had most of there Christmas stuff out already, Mackenna and Viveca looked at the tree's and they both agreed that the PURPLE tree was the prettiest. It was then that I got the idea of decorating our Christmas tree in a purple and silver theme.

I purchased a few ornaments and put them away. Then a few weeks ago Mackenna asked if she could do something crafty for our Christmas tree. I remembered that when Mackenna was a baby I'd visited a little shop on Brisbane's northside that makes has bisque figures and in October they introduce there Christmas. So I made a booking at Tea and bisque-it for Mackenna's special mummy and daddy time, I then changed our booking as I decided to make it a children's crafting session. We asked the kid's second cousin, Paige to join us and my children had a heap of fun. I'm so glad Paige joined us because when my girls had finished Paige and Caelan got to continue decorating and painting their pieces.
I painted this little bauble unfortunately the colours
 weren't what I wanted BUT it's still pretty.

Although Viveca enjoyed the activity I thought Viveca was a little too young as she her attention span was only good for about thirty to forty minutes. She did finish her little star ornament and we  had fun working on it together. Daddy came to take her and Mackenna for a walk while Caelan, Paige and I finished off the Christmas ornaments that we were painting.
                                                              These are the star's that Mackenna and Viveca created they did a great job.
I thought I'd show you a few pictures of Paige painting her pieces before they were fired. Once you have finished painting your piece, Jenny allows it to dry for 24 hours before she applies the glaze. Each piece is then taken to her home and she fires them in her kiln. A week after painting your project its ready to be collected and taken home. The kid's were so excited that on Tuesday they all wanted to know how many more day's until their ornaments came home.
                                                                                             Paige's pieces before been fired in the kiln. 
This is what the Angle and Ginger bread man look like after they have been glazed and fired in the kiln.


The kids all enjoyed the activity and I had the fun of also getting some craft time in without having to do it quickly or late at night after the kid's had gone to bed. So this Christmas we are going to have our hand crafted ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree.

Caelan's Star before he finished it off.
Caelan created his own colour and I think it
turned out really well.

Our pieces ready to go off to be glazed and fired.
Making these ornaments was really good activity to do with all the kids (aged 2, 4, 7 and 9 years old), they all had fun creating their unique Christmas Tree Ornament. I'm thinking that if we are able to look after them over the years it would be good to give the ornament back to each child when they get married so that they can share them with their family. I think this would be a great idea especially if your children move overseas, it could become a family heirloom.
Caelan's little drummer boy turned out really well, he
spent a heap of time working on this.

We were able to create these 5 Christmas Tree Ornaments and an extra piece that I might be giving as a gift on Christmas Day. The total cost for this 2 hour activity for my three children and I was $58 which I thought was really good value for money. I will be coming back during the school holiday's especially it worked out to be $9.66 per child for the 2 hours that we were there. Overall, this was a great activity for the children and for our Christmas Tree.

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